Lapis Lazuli

This opaque, dark blue gemstone has a terrific past. It was among the first gemstones to be worn as ornaments and worked on.

It’s deep, divine blue remains the image of royalty and honor, gods, soul and vision. It is a universal image of insight and truth.

The more blue in the stone, the more esteemed it has always been.


Moderately new to the jewelry world, Zultanite is one gemstone whose stunning natural shading changing capacities makes it well suited to keen gems authorities.

Zultanite is a rising star in fine jewelry because of its sparklingly splendid uiet colors. Zultanite is a color change gemstone. In sunlight, the pearl is a wonderful kiwi to lime green. At the point when moving to low inside or candlelight, Zultanite will gradually change from champagne to cinnamon, peach and now and then a cherry pink.

Whether you are a genuine collector, or somebody searching for a perfect anniversary present, Zultanite may be the ideal stone for you.

Mandarin Garnet

Close your eyes and dream a bit: Africa. In the north-west of Namibia, the night sky sparkles orange-red over calm slopes and a solitary river.

Mandarin garnets are at the end of the day accessible in reliable quantities, regardless of the fact that top-quality stones are to a great rare.

Individualists with an all around developed feeling of style can just say “That is the stone for me!” when they set eyes on it. And then it has a high refractive list, which gives it abnormally strong brightness.


One of these “youthful” gemstones is kunzite, with its delicate pink shades, a pearl which is seen more regularly these days, making an appealing eye-catcher in ornaments. Kunzite is said to improve a man’s ability for dedication and understanding and to bestow internal peace and joie de vivre on its wearer.

Kunzite serves to relieve sorrow over misfortune or separation, and in overcoming shock after a relationship has broken down. This gemstone has strong supernatural properties that guide you to lift your mood and to help you to heal enthusiastic issues, for example, tension and anxiety.


Bloodstone is a superb precious stone to help you to feel a stronger feeling of determination, as they help you to recapture your own energy.

Bloodstone was treasured not just as a talisman of good wellbeing and long life, yet was reputed to bring its proprietor respect, favorable luck, wealth and fame.

Wear Bloodstone to increase mental clarity and to help in choice making. It gives a mental help when inspiration is missing, and can rejuvenate the psyche and body if you are depleted.

Bloodstone empowers dreaming and uplifts instinct. It is great for expanding inventiveness and developing a project from the thought stage through to completion. It energizes blessings and flourishing.


Ruby is the birthstone for Leo sun sign. Ruby gemstone gives wealth, status, admiration, pride and the powers of the Sun God. Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio can likewise wear a Ruby stone.

It is an excellent stone for reviving your vitality levels, and it may empower your brain to be more positive and self-assured. We are providing one of the best Ruby gemstone which is an all that much a heart focused stone, and it epitomizes the Divine affection for the Creator. It was reputed to bring its owner  peace, drive out horrible dreams, limit desire, and to assist resolve with disputes.

Tsavorite Garnet

The sparkling green Tsavorite is a young gemstone with a long geological history.

Indianenterprises’s natural  Green Garnet as a jewelry or ring, or carry near to the heart to assist you with recognize  your own blessings and to work to acquire whatever is missing. This gemstone does not require any treatment – it is delightful in its pure, natural structure. The shading scope of the Tsavorite keeps running from a light green, to a serious cool green, to a profound woodland green.

Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid is the name given to the rich green mixture of andradite garnet. If  you are offered a Demantoid, it is certainly a smart thought to observe it through the gemstone magnifying instrument.

The advantage of purchasing a free gemstone is choices. You are allowed to pick the precise shading, cut, shape and mixed bag of the stone for the setting you had always wanted, be it yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver; Indianeneterprises gives you an experience the delight of making your own special, unique jewelry design.


Onyx is the birthstone for Leos .Onyx Stone Meaning breathes out the vitality of self-dominance and inward quality.

Its reinforcing, healing powers have been utilized and profoundly prized for many years. Dark black gemstone empowers awareness of responsibility and self-assurance. If you want to not recall your past “LOVE”, than onyx stone for you.


The name of Cat’s Eye Stone has originate from the striking likeness of its physical appearance with a cat’s eye.

The advantages of Cat’s eye stone includes, enhancd intelligence and keenness. It is additionally known not materialistic solaces of life as massive wealth in the wearer’s life.

However, it is not prescribed to wear Cat’s eye pendant, as it offers no advantages to the wearer. Individuals ought to prefer wearing either Cat’s eye ring or Cat’s eye wristband, according to the counsel result.